Our Mission

Building a community for lifelong learning.

Our Values

We believe that early childhood is a critical period of development in which the right to education is of paramount importance. Meaningful educational experiences allow children to connect with one another and the world around them. We believe in the empowerment of children in order to challenge their intellectual abilities and embrace their learning as a life-long journey. In combination with utilizing the Montessori educational philosophy, we believe that providing a safe and nurturing learning experience enhances a child’s foundational development.

Building a school environment that values inclusion, co-operation and a strong sense of community between our families and teachers is our top priority. Through transparency and active communication, we work together to build a support network that is founded on trust, accountability, and integrity.

Our Vision

East Sac Academy plans to operate as a non-profit that is driven to uplift our community by providing scholarships to families and hiring passionate educators who value their role in shaping the lives of young children.

Our vision is that every child receives a high-quality education that is not dependent on their socio-economic status. We will achieve this by offering scholarships of up to 20% for our students.

We also recognize that behind each student, is an incredible teacher. Educators work hard to support and guide each child to reach their full potential. They are often underpaid and undervalued so we are committed to ensuring they receive an attractive compensation package for the incredibly important value they provide to our students and community.

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